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Author of Contemporary Fiction

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Life is filled with ups and downs. It's a messy and complicated journey. Not everyone gets to live a fairy-tale.

All of us have moments of happiness, love, heartbreak and loss.

I never promise a happy ending but guarantee a rollercoaster ride of emotion.

My flawed characters will navigate their journeys through life often making controversial decisions in the process. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and scream in frustration as you read.



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Moral Dilemmas #1

What happens when the woman you marry isn't the woman you want? Your heart fights with your head and a lot of people you care about get hurt.​

Being the other woman was never my goal. But loving him made it impossible not to be. A love triangle between lifelong friends certainly complicates the issue.

From the moment I realised we couldn't be together, I hit the self-destruct button. Life gets complicated and tragedy appears out of nowhere. Loyalty is tested. And love is denied.

Our passion is real. Our feelings strong. Our story heartbreaking. 

He was never mine to begin with, but every moment in his arms was precious. No one is ever promised a happy ending, but for me loving him was worth the risk.

Will he ever choose me?

Content warning - this book contains adult themes including cheating, terminal illness and alcoholism.

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Moral Dilemmas #2

Finding my wife in bed with an old friend was the most heart-wrenching day of my life.
My world was turned upside down in a single moment, and all my plans turned to dust.
I wanted to run straight back to the army, but then I met Katie.
She was everything I shouldn’t want, almost twenty years older than me with more baggage than a jumbo jet.
But I fell for her hard and she was all I ever wanted.
The problem with falling in love with a woman twice your age is they have a conscience. They know what society expects from them.
They try to follow their head instead of their heart.
Life without her is colourless.
I will move heaven and earth to ensure our relationship has the chance it deserves.

Content warning - this book contains adult themes including physical and mental abuse.

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Some choices you make in life, some are made for you. Sometimes life is locked.

As the heavy steel doors slid back, I walked out to freedom for the first time in ten years. I’d gone into prison as a teenager and was leaving an adult who didn’t know how to live anywhere else. What was more terrifying than being free, was moving back in with my mother. She hated me, and I couldn’t understand why.

Weeks later I was lost and confused with no direction in life. It was then I met him. My fairytale ending.

My hope.

My saviour.

He was everything I didn’t deserve. A successful businessman and conscientious lover. Our love was instant and our relationship rapid. And he loved me with all his heart.

After years of working hard on myself, being devoted to learning my craft in his family business, life was looking up. I had promise. Then it all went wrong. Destructive realities came to light and the consequences were life threatening.

Will I ever recover from the secrets?

Trigger warning – contains adult themes including physical violence and alcoholism

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VR Tennent emigrated from Scotland to Spain in 2020. She lives in the Spanish campo with her husband, young daughter, and ever-growing animal family.
In January 2022, she decided to put pen to paper and write a book after joining the writer’s group of her favourite author. Five months later she was offered a publishing contract on that very book.
She writes contemporary fiction filled with love, heartbreak, and spice.

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"If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavour."

Eleanor Roosevelt

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