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  • vrtennent now I can call myself a published author!

This past week has been momentous. Until I saw my book available for sale to the world, I didn't realise what an emotional experience this would be for me. My journey into writing only started nine months ago, so my 'L' plates are firmly on. The fact people are choosing to read what I've written is mind-blowing.

Loving Dr Jones went live on Saturday 10th September 2022. Reviews from book bloggers and reviewers have started to hit Instagram, TikTok, Amazon and Goodreads and I am overjoyed with them. Example here.

My characters have been included in Instagram reels alongside amazing authors. Video blogs with detailed reviews of my book. I've been teary and emotional - Yes! I cried! There have been lots of amazing comments and support from the book community and friends. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to scrolling through Instagram and seeing a picture of my book on someone's page, telling everyone this is the book they're reading. It is a surreal experience, to say the least.

This is very much the beginning of the journey. I have so many stories rushing around my head dying to get out. Thank you to each of you who has ordered a book and decided to give my writing a try. If you're unsure, check out what people are saying on Goodreads and see if you think it could be for you.

Loving Dr Jones (Moral Dilemmas Book 1) by VR Tennent | Goodreads

Holding that first paperback in my hands, knowing my words filled the pages with Bex's story was incredible. I'm excited to see what the future holds.

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